home page image concept 3
This is a iStock image and would be a charge to get the usage rights. Image will be fixed in place as content rolls up on scroll.
Uploading a square image will result in the round shape you are looking for. It will also add the blue border.
Hovering over the head shot will result in a transition fading in the Take 5 Ring, and the summary bio sliding out. Purposed here is the complete bio is on a sub-page when a user click "More >". &nspb; Example >> click and scroll down to "Meet the Crew." Clicking on the headshot will open the bio in a lightbox. 
Click the class name toggles the hidden class descriptions and rotates the arrow down.
This will toggle open and closed to reveal the schedule.  Schedule will open under the chart header and the arrow will rotate down and the text will change from "click to open" to "click to close."
Concept 3