home page image concept 2
All images used were found on a Google image search and none were used by a competitor nor had specific copyrights to the image mentioned.
Uploading a square image will result in the round shape you are looking for. It will also add the "faded" effect.
Hovering over the head shot will result in a transition of losing the fade creating the outter glow. Example >> click and scroll down to "Meet the Crew." Clicking on the headshot will open the bio in a lightbox.  See Example >> Click  Bio lightbox is not shown.
This "down" arrow will take the user to the next section if clicked.
Hovering over the class name will activate the description to appear in this section. Like a menu Example
Example of the menu after the logo appears on down scroll.
This will toggle open and closed to reveal the schedule. Schedule will open between the line opening the radiused bar.
Concept 2