home page image concept 1
This "tagline" will be editable and is only shown on this 1 concept
This is a iStock image and would be a charge to get the usage rights. Image will be fixed in place as content rolls up on scroll.
Uploading a square image will result in the round shape you are looking for. It will also add the inner shadow and "faded" effect.
Hovering over the head shot will result in a transition of losing the fade and inner shadow and creating the outter ring. Example >> click and scroll down to "Meet the Crew." Also the "find" button will be exposed.
THIS BIO WOULD BE HIDDEN ON SCROLL. Clicking the "Find" button will activate the bio to slide in from its hidden location beyond the right boarder. Click the shopping cart icon on this site Example >>
This "down" arrow will take the user to the next section if clicked.
Clicking the class name button will activate the description to slide in from its hidden location beyond the bottom of this section.
This "UP" arrow will be fixed at the middle of the browser and will only appear once the user has scroll past the top section. Example >> click and scroll down.
This will toggle open and closed to reveal the schedule.
Concept 1